Caviar Infinite Beauty

Luxury Antiage line with Caviar ideal for mature dehydrated skins with wrinkles & dark cycles

SOS! Eye – lips contour & fine lines

Sourced from sturgeon eggs processing, Caviar has always been considered a luxury food, representing both a palate and body delicacy. At the end of XIX century Caviar extract, rich in sea origin proteins, fatty acids and vitamins, was successfully introduced for the first time in cosmetic production and recent scientific studies confirm its extraordinary effects in skincare, for preserving skin hydration and nutrition. KLERADERM realizes the perfect fusion of Caviar extracts and precious ingredients, such As Hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed yeast extract and selected vegetal oils in the unique Infinite Beauty Line, an exceptional treatment against wrinkles and eye–lip contours fine lines.

The excellence of KLERADERM formulation is the result of a continuous research that allow us to identify and select the best combination of active principles, close to women needs in the searching of an effective anti-aging treatment. Hydrolyzed yeast extract and Acetyl tetrapeptide-5 are just two of the key elements of Infinite Beauty line, active principles that provide an intensive rejuvenating treatment.

The main virtues of this luxury ingredient are the antioxidant and the moisturizer actions that make it useful in counteracting aging effects. It also stimulates cell renewal and restores the skin’s texture, offering more brilliant and brightness look. All of these beneficial effects are due to its composition rich in nutrients and fatty acids of high quality, which have the property of being totally absorbed by the human body. Another valuable substance that enters into the composition of the caviar is the vitellin, phospholipids and phosphoproteins mixture, that regenerates cellular metabolism. Among the beneficial substances that are found in the composition of caviar there are different amino acids as follows:

  • Threonine: stimulates collagen and elastina growth
  • Leucine: helps wound cicatrization
  • Lysine: supports cellular recovery, increases fatty acids metabolism and collagen synthesis
  • Arginin: potentiates collagen and cellular nourishment.

Caviar also has high concentration of vitamins.