In our company you will find a full range of disposable consumable products at great prices that will help you make easy and relaxing job.

  • Protect the armchairs, stools and beds with covers terry, giving them a velvety feel.
  • Lay the bed or armchair with a simple non woven roll or paper bed sheet double sash disposable in a variety of dimensions. Use Roll laminated non woven or laminated paper bed sheet disposable large variety of sizes when you want waterproof.
  • Protect your hands with Latex or Vinyl gloves in all sizes: extra small, small, medium and large.
  • Use simple paper mask or surgical mask with elastic respecting sanitary conditions.
  • Mix and apply the depilation wax with disposable wooden spatulas in an economic package of 500 pieces.
  • You will also find gauzes Eightfold 10×10 in packs of 100 pieces, medical cotton in 1kg and cotton buds in box of 200 pieces, face and body sponges and brushes to easily apply your masks.
  • Put on your clients the cups with rubber, the disposable underwear in tanga or slip of spun bonded with a velvety feel, white aesthetic robe or strapless blouse from non woven disposable and disposable slippers to move comfortably in your space.
  • For hand massage wear a plastic disposable apron and maintain your white blouse spotless.
  • For your treatments with mud, seaweed, chocolate or grape therapy wrap your clients with thin transparent film (roll wrap) or nylon roll into 70 cm to cover the entire body.