Our company SPAD COSMETICS is a Creek Company which was set up in 1999 aiming at the production of professional cosmetics from fine raw materials.

Our scientific experience and our love for beauty, led us to the creation of the product series d’ alour for face and body.

The demands of modern life lead us to the production of an exquisite line of biological beauty care cosmetics. Its creation stemmed from the need to return to our roots and pursue nature’s pure and effective ingredients, following the natural sequence of evolution. Guided by man’s needs and respect for the environment, we created d’ alour bio beauty line perfect for every day face and body care and your well-being. The ingredients of the d’ alour bio beauty products line come from biologically cultivated plants. Their production requires special knowledge and care since the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers is strongly forbidden in our philosophy. Our products are constantly being tested during the production phase and comply with all rules of hygiene. Our products are safe and effective, dermatologically tested, friendly to the environment and not tested on animals. They are not just “natural beauty products” but biological cosmetics certified by the ICEA. With respect for nature, we have consciously chosen biological cultivation and committed ourselves to not use any common, conventional or harmful to our health and nature chemical substances, hard preservatives, petrochemicals, silicones, solvents, irritants etc. The efficiency and safety of our products always justify the choice we made.

Our objectives for our products

  • We avoid the expression of unmeasured promises
  • The excellent relation between cost and imputation
  • We choose fine drastic raw materials, mainly vegetable originated
  • Intensive product package

SPAD COSMETICS took on exclusive representation of the Italian firm KLERADERM for Greece, since September 2004. With special devotion to the continuous and exiting progress in the section of cosmetics, KLERADERM studied and checked products able to propose innovative and real solution.
KLERADERM products are marketed in over 20 countries.

D' ALOUR & KLERADERM series include

  • Skin cleansing products
  • Products for eye-care
  • Products for oily skin types
  • Products for care of wrinkles
  • Sun care products
  • Body products
  • Spa products
  • Essential oils
  • Well being – relax – antistress products
  • Depilation products
  • Consumable products
  • Completed face and body therapies

All our products combine nature and advanced technology and are distributed exclusively by beauty salons.

In 2011 a new dynamic collaboration started in the beauty, to meet the modern needs of our partners. Our company Spad Cosmetics joined forces with the company Vitaslim from Thessaloniki.

The Vitaslim Electronic Medical is one of the few Greek companies which itself manufactures the majority of machine aesthetics, with an emphasis on reliability, quality of production, prompt service and especially fast service.
The Vitaslim Electronic Medical also provides full training, both in theory and in practice.

The aesthetic equipment addresses to the beauty of the face and body and are available at the best prices.