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Our story

SPAD COSMETICS is a Greek company founded in 1999 by the chemist Diamantis Dimitris with the aim of producing professional cosmetics from excellent raw materials following the developments and requirements of modern aesthetics. Our scientific experience and our love for beauty led us to the creation of range d'alour face and body products. In September 2004, SPAD COSMETICS took over the exclusive representation of the Italian company KLERADERM for Greece. With particular commitment to the continuous and exciting development in the field of cosmetics, KLERADERM has studied and created products capable of proposing innovative and real solutions, becoming a leading company in the international market. Since 2011, Spad Cosmetics has joined forces with the company Vitaslim Electronic Medical based in Thessaloniki, one of the oldest companies in the field that still manufactures part of the beauty machines in its catalog. It has a wide variety of machines, emphasizing reliability, production quality, immediate service and, above all, fast service.

Our philosophy

All our products combine advanced technology with nature and are available exclusively from selected beauty salons and spas. We are looking for innovative formulas with the aim of satisfying the highest demands of professional beauticians for the proper care of the skin, always with respect for both it and the environment. The product lines that we dispose have complete and specialized proposals for the care of the face and body, wanting every experience we offer through them to be unique, considering that each skin has its own needs.

Our goals:

Continuous development in all areas is very important to us, we are always looking for the most innovative and active ingredients that will enrich our range, trying to ensure that the raw materials we use are mainly of plant origin, with the aim that all our products are safe, efficiently and above all with an excellent cost-performance ratio.