CryoThermal Therapy – Slimming & Toning

Category: d'alour body treatments

d’alour products for the Beauty Salon:

1. Strong Peeling 500 ml.
Scrub with natural grain
2. Thermic Gel 1000 ml.
Hyperemic gel with plant extracts
3. Cool Gel 1000 ml.
Cold gel with plant extracts
4. Serum Triple Action 100 ml.
(Lipolysis – Tightening – Cellulite)
5. Slime Cream 500 ml.
Cream with plant extracts (lipolysis)

Beauty Treatment Application

  1. Apply a small amount on the body (in healthy skin) of STRONG PEELING (with natural grain almond and olive in a creamy form) and do massage with wet fingers. Rinse with plenty of water.
  2. Apply a small amount of THERMIC GEL locally on the body without massage and leave it about 30 minutes to act. Optionally wrap with cellophane.
  3. Apply gently a small amount of COOL GEL locally on the body until absorbed and leave it about 30 minutes to act or dilute small amount of COOL GEL with water and rubbing alcohol, and ingrain gauze and wrap.
  4. Apply 3 – 5 ml topically in signs at issue from SERUM TRIPLE ACTION and do a light massage until absorbed.
  5. Apply the SLIME CREAM and do light massage until absorbed.

Suggested Applications

  • 8-12 applications depending on the problem.

Frequency of applications

  • 2-3 times a week depending on the problem.

Recommended Care Products For Home

  • Thermic Gel 200ml
  • Cool Gel 200ml
  • Slime Cream 200ml