Neck & Breast Therapy – Firming Treatment for Neck & Breast

Category: d'alour body treatments

d’alour products for the Beauty Salon:

1. Serum Firme (Face) 50 ml.
Firming serum (elastin, proteins)
2. Nightly Cream 200 ml.
Night cream & massage (with herbal oils)
3. Mask Plastic Neck & Breast 1 lit.
Plastic mask (Breast & neck)
4. Firme Cream 500 ml.
Cream with plant extracts (Firming)

Beauty Treatment Application

  1. Apply 3-5 ml of SERUM FIRME (face) on the neck, breast and neckline and massage gently until absorbed.
  2. Preparation of plastic mask: Add 2 cups of MASK PLASTIC NECK & BREAST powder in a bowl and 3 cups cold water (temperature 20 º C). Stir vigorously and quickly for about 1 minute until a homogeneous mask. Apply the mask immediately on the neck and breast. The mask is plasticized in 8-9 minutes after plating. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and remove it as one piece.
  3. Apply the FIRME CREAM on the breast and do a light massage until absorbed.
  4. Apply the NIGHTLY CREAM on the neck and do light massage until absorbed.

Suggested Applications

  • 8-12 applications depending on the problem.

Frequency of applications

  • 2-3 times a week depending on the problem.

Recommended Care Products For Home

  • Serum Firme (Face) 50 ml
  • Firme Cream 200 ml
  • Nightly Cream 50 ml