Mask Thermik Pink

Category: Masks

Product Description

Thermic mask for cleaning, protection, softness. The thermal effect encourages the penetration of active ingredients.

How to use

Face: Add in 1 scoop of powder ½ scoop water into a bowl.
Body: Add in 6 cups powder 3 cups water in a bowl.
Mix well the mixture until a homogeneous mask and apply it quickly.
Apply on the face or body with an oily cream and then gauze and then quickly apply the mask that we have prepared. The temperature increase generated by the mask is 15 – 20 ˚ C. Starts 4-5 after mixing the water with the powder. The maximum temperature is developed after 10 ‘. Let 15 and remove carefully. Clean skin thoroughly.


  •  Professional 5 Lt & 1 Lt

Active Ingredients

  • Calcium Sulfate
  • Potassium Sulfate
  • Zinc Oxide
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