Hydre Plastic Therapy – Treatment with peel off mask Vit C for dehydrated skin

Category: d'alour face treatments

d’alour products for the Beauty Salon:

  1. Clean & Clear Milk 1000 ml.
    Gentle cleansing milk
  2. Clean & Clear Foam 1000 ml.
    Cleansing Foamy Lotion
  3. Normal Skin Lotion 1000 ml.
    Toning Lotion (Normal skin)
  4. Serum Aha’s 100 ml
    Serum with fruit acids
  5. Delicate Peeling 500 ml.
    Mild peeling with grained polyamide
  6. Hydre Plus Extra Cream 500 ml.
    Moisturizing cream for normal/dry skin
  7. Serum Hydre 100 ml.
    Aquatic serum for all skin types with collagen
  8. Mask plastic Vit C 1 lt.
    Plastic peel off Mask (Moisturizing)
  9. Serum Nutre 50 ml.
    Serum for mature skin with liposomes
  10. Cover Damp Cream 200 ml
    Moisturizing day cream with Ceramides & panthenol

Beauty Treatment Application:

  1. Clean the face with the emulsion CLEAN & CLEAR MILK.
  2. Continue with the CLEAN & CLEAR FOAM for deeper cleaning.
  3. Stimulate the skin with NORMAL SKIN LOTION.
  4. Apply on face 1-2 ml of SERUM AHA’s for 1-5 minutes depending on the skin.
    Avoid using the serum in very sensitive skins. Remove with plenty of water.
  5. Apply all over the face a small amount of DELICATE PEELING and do massage
    with wet fingers. Remove with water.
  6. Apply on clean face and neck a small amount of HYDRE PLUS EXTRA CREAM and do light massage until absorbed.
  7. Apply on face about 1-2 ml of SERUM HYDRE and gently massage until absorbed.
  8. Preparation of plastic mask: Add in a bowl 1 dispenser of MASK PLASTIC VIT C powder and 1 ½ measuring cup cold water (temperature 20º C). Stir vigorously and quickly for about 1 minute until a homogeneous mask. Apply quickly the mask. The mask shall be plasticized in 5 minutes after plating. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and remove it as one piece.
  9. Apply on face about 1-2 ml of SERUM NUTRE and gently massage until
  10. Apply the COVER DAMP CREAM and do light massage until

Suggested Applications

  • 8-12 applications depending on the problem.

Frequency of applications

  • 2-3 times a week depending on the problem.

Recommended care products for home:

  • Serum Hydre 30ml
  • Serum Hyaluronic 30ml
  • Cover Damp Cream 50ml