Cyber Light 2 (IPL)

Category: Machines

The IPL is abbreviation of English words Intensive Pulse Light. It is the latest technology in hair removal and rejuvenate. The energy of its wavelength, it has been proved that has the greatest absorption from melanin and hemoglobin of the human body. This is main reason the machine is ideal for treatment of a range of skin problems such as the hair growth, the discolorations, spots, acne, spider veins, aging.

The new IPL Cyber Light 2 is ideal for easy and painless photo-epilation, photo rejuvenate and elimination of discolorations. It has 70,000 hits in the lamp, high intensity (1-50 Joules), triple cooling system, many default programs, and also fully customizable, with two filters (one for epilation and one for rejuvenate), with very small replacement lamp cost.

  • Wavelength: 530/640 – 1200 nm
  • Flow density: 1 – 50 Joules/cm2
  • Pulse Duration: 1 – 15 ms
  • Pulse Sequence: 1-10 pulses
  • Delay Time: 1 – 100 ms
  • Frequency: <1 P/1 second
  • Number of crystals: 2 pieces (1 for waxing and 1 for rejuvenate)
  • Crystal Size: 15×50 mm2
  • Cooling System:
    → Thermal electric cooling (Peltier system – Scale 1-5)
    → Air chilling
    → Closed water circuit
  • Size: 52x48x32 cm

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