Firming Breast Up Program – Breast Firming & Lift

Category: Kleraderm body treatments

Kleraderm products therapy for the Beauty Salon:

1. Epiderm scrub 20x10ml.
2. Drainage synergy 50ml.
Synergy with cypress, lavender, geranium.
3. Rassoderm Pygeum Africanum phials 12X10 ml.
Phials for epidermal firming.
4. Janise thermic mask 2,5 kg.
Thermic mask.
5. Coralys Aromatic Bath 200ml.
Actuator with herbal extracts for firming.
6. Rassoderm Pygeum Africanum Cream 500ml.
Breast and body firming cream (stretch marks).


  1. Apply Epiderm Scrub peeling on breast and massage gently in circular movements. Remove the product thoroughly with a damp sponge.
  2. Put a few drops of Drainage Synergy on the main lymph nodes and do lymphatic massage.
  3. Apply the Rassoderm Phial Pygeum Africanum on breast and do massage until completely absorbed.
  4. Prepare a mask stirring 150 gr from Janise Thermic Mask, 75 ml lukewarm water and 10 ml of the actuator Coralys Aromatic Bath. Cover the nipples with cotton, put gauze on the skin and apply the mask. After 15 minutes, remove the mask and remove any excess water.
  5. Do a tonic massage with Rassoderm Cream Pygeum Africanum.

Suggested applications:

  • 2-3 applications a week and 2 applications a month as maintenance

Recommended care products for home:

  • Rassoderm Pygeum Africanum Cream 200ml

Active Ingredients:

Pygeum africanum extract, vitamin E, olive oil, sweet almond
Oil, sunflower seed oil, wheat germ oil, avocado oil, hydrocotyl oil, beeswax, elastin,
natural moisturizing factor, calcium sulphate, bamboo extract, horsetail extract,
rosemary essential oil, sage essential oil, basil essential oil, cypress essential oil,
lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil, grape seed oil, bladder wrack oil, ivy oil.